The Dark (K)Night

DARKNESS engulfed him as he recovered from an almost fatal hit on his head with an iron rod! He just kept his hand on his head as he fell down, writhing with pain, on his knees. The goons surrounded him as John tried to be brave enough to protect Mary from the evil clutches of the goons!

It was one of those normal days for John as he set out for a walk post dinner. The road was pretty dark as the street lights weren’t powerful enough to wipe off the darkness. His stroll was relaxing and calm, till he saw some goons trouble a girl who was on her way back home from work. Mary was helpless as she tried to guard her belongings from the evil bodies. The goons were four, and John was one. He didn’t think twice before swinging into action to protect the damsel in distress!

John fought valiantly and kept the goons at bay, till one of the men picked up an iron rod lying nearby and hit John on the back of his head. But he was determined to prevent any harm to Mary as he quickly recovered his vision and managed to overpower the goons. Mary quickly alerted the cops who reached the scene within minutes as the police station was nearby.

The cops arrested the goons. John was bleeding, and was taken to the hospital. Mary was grateful to him and took responsibility of John’s treatment. That was the end of darkness from John’s single life as he found a life partner in Mary!


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