The times that went by…

I am still into my initial days of blogging. Through this medium I wish to put some of my thoughts into words. In this write-up, I roll back the time to about the early days of my growth (if I may put it so), and pour out a general shallowish view about the current season then, hoping to make you readers a bit nostalgic!

These days I am into morning-cycling. I am a bit hesitant to use the phrase ‘early morning’ as I start around 7:30-8:00, which I presume isn’t early enough. Till recently, I wasn’t a fan of monsoon, but that view of mine has changed. Well, the saying, nothing is constant in life except change, can’t be truer, I feel! It feels blissful to step out in the fresh environment in such rainy weather. The petrichor, coolness and calmness outside just draws me out in the open and acts as a stimulus for me these days.

As I go pedalling around the town in the cool pleasant weather, I see school buses and rickshaws carrying children, and my mind jumps back to the first decade of the 21st century. June and rains combined bring back memories of the start of an academic year. Those first days, where there was a feeling of excitement as well as a slight nervousness, as to who will be your classmates for the year, how will the year pan out, etc. – those childish ‘worries’ which would occupy some part of our ’small’ heads, just roll through my mind as I ride around. New raincoats, bags, tiffin boxes and waterbags, new covered notebooks were the motivation in the initial days to get out of bed early in the morning and rush to school. Those little joys in PT lectures, free lectures, broken pencils, lost erasers, homeworks, etc., looking back now, seem priceless.


It is said that the worth of a thing is felt only when it is no more with us; so true! During school there always was a craze to live a ‘free’ college life. The stories about the so-called ‘college life’ weren’t less than any movie-life then. Listening to them, so eager was I to ‘be’ there and live ‘the’ life, that I just couldn’t wait to get into college. And then when I entered college, there was a feeling of something amiss. It simply wasn’t school to say the least! Of course, there isn’t any regret that I have. But these throwbacks just make the mind wistful.

This is the reel of thoughts that is rolling on in my mind when I am thudded back to reality by the loud honking of a vehicle passing by! Then I realise, life is a journey, a journey in which there are many milestones. We just can’t sit clinging on to one of them in pursuit of our dreams and destination. We just have to move on!

Well, I thought I would end this by making it a bit interactive. So, go on and comment your thoughts or memories about your childhood that you remember or would like to revisit and share!


14 thoughts on “The times that went by…

  1. joeljoseph93

    Well, since we are on the topic of cycling and childhood..Cycling to the school everyday was fun. In fact, cycling was a symbol of freedom back then. So, taking it out for a ride was definitely something I enjoyed.
    Maybe I should join u in the mornings. It will freshen up the day and, it will surely help me with my cardio. 😀


  2. Koustav

    First of all, well written sudzz. It just freshened up the memories of good old days. We used to be the so called “cycle students”. Chinmay, nutz, Kiran we all had some serious fun on our way back with our hayabusas (as we used to call them back then). Thanks brother for bring those memories alive after a long time.


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